Imagine all the things you could do with a "Working Folks" tax rebate!

The BIG THREE issues:

The Rural Healthcare Crisis:

Texas now has the worst healthcare statistics in the nation. Each year, our current legislature turns away $230 Million dollars in Medicaid Expansion tax rebate money. That's about $9 Billion since 2014, left on the table. This is the tax rebate money that is supposed to be returned to us to reimburse our rural hospitals for their uncompensated care they provide. Without it, it has caused 18 Texas hospitals to declare bankruptcy and close down.

Plus, all those unpaid-for hospital bills then get "cost shifted" over to folks with Employer Based Health Insurance, and to people who are Self Insured. They ultimately pick up the tab. And the crisis is getting worse by the day.

When elected, not only will I reclaim all our Medicaid Expansion money, I will also work to save our rural hospital system, and provide a Public Option or Medicare-For-Those-Who-Want-It. So everyone will have quality, affordable healthcare.

The Education Crisis:

Our current legislature defunds the Texas Educational System every chance it gets. It recently defunded it by $4.5 Billion, which caused and immediate statewide crisis that laid off teachers and increased class sizes, they tamper with teachers retirement, and are fixated with cutting education wherever possible. As a result, primary school students now graduate unprepared for the job market, and unprepared for college.

This manmade crisis has now reduced Texas to a miserable ranking of 43rd in the nation in Education quality. Additionally, our legislators take kickbacks from the testing industry lobbyists, who require "teaching for the test". The result are kids graduating who can't read or write cursive, can't read aloud, and don't know their own history. Unable to even tally a checkbook, these kids often fail in the job market. Those who get through college, are then ripped off and preyed upon by the tuition loan scammers (who also give generous kickbacks to our Republican legislators.)

When I am elected, I will work to design the tax structures so rural schools are again properly funded, and teachers are properly paid, returning the benefits they lost in the past. I will work to eliminate and erase school loan debt.

I want free education for all Texas, from Pre-K through P.hd levels. The money is already there to do this. It's just in the wrong places. We have to go get it!

Property Taxes & Family Poverty:

I want to completely rework the Texas Tax Code so everyone pays the same proportional share of taxes. This means taxing millionaires and rich corporations at increased levels. Even if it means amending the Texas Constitution.

Under my plan, if you make less that $100k/year you'll get a Texas Tax Rebate Check, to spend however you wish. If you make more than $100k/year, you'll be paying more, using a graduated system.

The Texas Healthcare Crisis:

Our #1 Disaster: Leadership Malpractice

Each year, our Republican led State Legislature and Governor's office turns away over $230 Million federal tax refunds called the Medicare Expansion. This $230M is refund money that every working Texan pays into, with each payroll deduction. The Expansion refund is supposed to be returned to our counties so we reimburse our rural hospitals for their uncompensated indigent care. Without the Medicare Expansion tax rebate, these hospitals will go broke, fail economically and close down. So far, eighteen (18) Texas hospitals have already closed down or filed for bankruptcy. And more hospital closures are coming.

When elected, I will immediately set to work to returning these healthcare dollars back to our local communities.

So far over $8 billion as been left on the table. The big political campaign-donors who bankroll these crooked politicians who rob us, should be made to reimburse you their negligent and unnecessary $8 Billion shortfall. I'll work with other Texans to bring this money back to District 62 counties where it can be put to work for you!

Disaster #2: Our current Texas legislature and Governor's Office have never demonstrated any ability to do simple "healthcare math". The fundemental rule of Healthcare Math is "the more people who get healthcare, the cheaper it gets for everyone". But instead of investing in Healthcare, the Legislature/Governor's Office has double-downed on denying healthcare by closing down women's healthcare clinics, stymying Medicaid applications for the working poor, and declaring outright healthcare bans on illegals and refugee immigrant applicants. Denying this indigent healthcare, dumps millions of uninsured sick people into the local ER/ICU pipeline. Untreated, they now arrive in ER with worsening health problems. This road block to healthcare multiplies the end cost by thousands of times.

Out of each dollar, we currently spend .99 cents on Treatment and .01 cent on Preventative Care. If we spent just .15 cents on Preventative Care, we could save billions of dollars in tax revenue annually.

When working poor pregnant women get no pre-natal healthcare, simple fixes for small problems can tumble out of control, creating disastrous postpartum and pediatric issues, that the taxpayer is now on the hook for. By denying indigent healthcare, Texas now has the highest number of Post-Partum Maternal deaths in the developed world. And a higher pediatric infant mortality rate than many third world nations. Denying healthcare just guarantees all the costs will be shoved onto the taxpayer and individual insurance policy holder. I will work to reverse this, by offering all Texas residents a shot at low cost universal healthcare.

Texas' Healthcare Disaster:

If you're lucky enough to have Employer Based Health Insurance, you are at less risk than having no insurance at all. But, even with Employer Based Health Insurance you still have more payments and hardship from Surgical & Rx denials, extra expensive deductibles, co-pays and often unaffordable prescription drug bills.

I will work with a new State Legislature that guarantees affordable, low cost healthcare for all North Texas residents. For those whose employers do not offer healthcare plans, a Medicare type Public Option is being planned for Texas. You can have healthcare in Texas. You just have to vote for it.

EDUCATION & The Texas Tuition Crisis:

Two to Four Years Free College:

Trade School, Community College or State University - your choice.

My plan is to grant full Tuition Waivers for up to four years of post High School education, to include tutors, mentorships and assistance with transportation and expenses. Students interested in Allied Health professions would be granted 100% tuition waivers for every year of college or medical school, in exchange for working paid healthcare jobs in underserved communities in District 62, for the same amount of years of education. Using the existing model of the U.S. Public Health System COSTEP plan, students entering medical schools may have their entire tuition covered, if they practice as Family Medicine Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician's Assistants.

Stopping Predatory Lenders:

North Texas students are currently zeroed in, as the primary targets of the predatory U.S. Financial Services Industry. Outrageously high percentage rates, coupled with compounding interest charges that doom students to lifelong educational debt and home foreclosures. They, and their co-signers face lifetimes of crushing "tuition debt" that can never be paid off. This is financial indentured servitude, and I will make it illegal in Texas. Greedy financial institutions must not be allowed to profit un-policed off the dreams of young people. I will introduce legislation that will require lenders to lower student loan interest rates to the same low rates banks are given. A Texas Tuition Assistance Fund could be made available to any Texan wanting an education.

News Article Attached: From the White House, to the Texas State House, Republican politicians take kickback money from the crooked Financial Services industries that fleece students seeking a fairness and better life. Democrat candidates like me refuse these backdoor payoffs. I detest anyone who sells out our young people for a buck. Young students are the hope of our future. We must support them with every good deed they do. The link below is just one of several Republican plans to bury students alive in tuition debt....

Criminal Justice Reform

You've heard it before - Money buys you lawyers. So the rich never seem to go to jail. In North Texas it's mostly the poor working people and people of color go to jail. This is caused by the 'Win at any cost' mentality of the good-old-boy system operated through the County District Attorney's office.

Want proof? Recently in Grayson County, a young man got caught selling a large amount of cocaine. He was white and his dad was a cop. So can you guess the outcome? He got off with a little slap on the wrist.

Now compare that to a young Sherman African-American high school student who was with friends walking across the Austin College Campus. They were stopped by a white policeman. The high schooler quickly swallowed half the joint. When the policeman asked him if he ate it, the student did not lie, and told the truth. The policeman then arrested the student on a FELONY count of destroying evidence (the amount of pot eaten, was a misdemeanor). The Grayson County judge agreed with the policeman and gave the student a severe sentence of a lifetime felony conviction. So the young man, a good student, is now basically unemployable the rest of his life. Resulting in the collective economic loss, over his lifetime, of many hundreds of thousands of dollars. This young man was an important economic resource to his community. Now his life is ruined for the crime of just doing what kids do. I can't change the behavior of your local Republican District Attorneys and judges - but YOU can, by voting for Progressive candidates in EVERY election. I can go to Austin, Texas and change these horrific laws at the State level. And by working together, we can fix our disastrous Criminal Justice System.

Assets Forfeiture: We Want Accountability

Our past two Grayson County District Attorneys (both R's), advanced the notion that Texas' assets forfeiture laws “put the drug king pins behind bars”. They even wrote optimistic editorials about it in statewide newspapers. But they don't say much more after that. If you go to the Texas Assets Forfeiture website, you see the millions of dollars of private assets transferred into Police custody. But you'll never see the data on the number of County convictions made, and no data disposition on any trials, hearings or types of confiscations. Not a single name is of record. Why? Because under Texas Assets Forfeiture laws, simply having cash in your possession is breaking the law.

If “caught” with “large amounts” of cash, the money is arrested, not the owner. No drugs of any kind need to be found. No charges need to be filed. The cash is then held behind bars in an evidence room. That is, if it makes it to the Evidence Room. One policeman across the river from where I write this, took some cash in a seizure and bought a Camaro, and also paid off his daughter's Community College tuition with it, also paying off his gym memberships.

Even SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas is against Asset Forfeiture. A clergyman transporting Food Bank money, a Hispanic restaurant owner on his way to buy a used commercial kitchen range hood, an African-American couple coming home from a good night at the Casinos – were all carrying “suspicious amounts” of cash that was confiscated. They weren't under arrest. Their money was. Now they had to hire attorneys to get it back and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was his/hers. Often it's not worth it and they just walk away. This is Criminal Justice corruption.


In Bonham, a law abiding blue collar working class citizen walks across the street on the town square. He is ticketed for Jay Walking, and told to appear before a judge if he cannot comply with payment. The new jay walker 'criminal' misses a deadline (that may not have even been his fault) and now the charge is ramped up. When he is picked up, he learns he must now do prison time, and pay even greater fines. He can't pay the expensive bond. He stays months in jail and loses his job. He then has to pay extra fees for a third party Parole Office who doesn't work for free. This is the Bond & Parole racket, and it's a huge industry, like the Private Prison industry. Only poor working class people and people of color are being thrown in jail. If you have a story to tell, or if you've been unfairly extorted by the State Parole Payment racket, please contact me immediately.

Felonies are handed out so casually in North Texas, that it is severely hindering rural county economic growth. We must elect Progressives and kick out corrupt County District Attorneys and judges, who perpetrate these injustices.

Sentencing Judges found to own Private Prison Industry stocks should have their judgments reviewed or revoked. Such judges should be dismissed or removed permanently from the bench and have their pensions revoked. A full and complete review needs to be performed of all Texas criminal justice employees/Legislators with Private Prison relationships.

As your State House Representative, I will work tirelessly year round to stop these social injustices made against working class Texas families. The Republican “Win at any price!” criminal justice system is destroying thousands of lives and ruining rural Texas economies.

A Green New Deal in North Texas

Both my grandfathers were coal miners in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. I worked in the Oklahoma oil patch myself, from 1981-1984. So I know something about minerals and their value. So fossil fuels, the 19th Century fuel source of Texas, has gotten us this far. After 100 years, these industries are as unregulated and un-policed as ever, and causing widespread pollution to wetlands and wildlife habitat, not to mention dramatic Ozone depletion. (Study what the Texas Legislature did after the West, Texas explosion, and you'll see how one industry can rule over State Government environmental laws.) Texas is now in the 21st Century. And we need 21st Century solutions, not just 19th Century fuel sources.

Solar jobs are now outpacing petroleum jobs in Texas. That means new rural jobs, new infrastructure and stronger local economies. Implementation of Green New Deals could mean thousands of new, high tech solar energy jobs in Grayson, Fannin and Delta counties. Imagine teams of paid workers of all ages and color, teaching, installing and expanding 'off the grid' technologies for whoever wants them - throughout the towns and countryside.

How Do We Pay For All This?

When rich folks have money they diversify. They just don't place it all in one savings plan. If that one savings plan goes bust, their finished, broke. The Green New Deal is simply a Public model of what the oil and insurance companies already do. Why should they diversify, and protect themselves, then not want us to do it?

Reversing the passage of State Question 4: When Texas millionaires and billionaires heard of Elizabeth Warren's "Millionaires Income Tax", they wanted assurances from Texas Legislators that they would never ever have to pay income taxes, so they got you to vote on a Constitutional Amendment to ban ALL income taxes. That passed and left the middle-class holding the bag. Proportionally, Texas' middle-class and working poor pay the lion's share of State expenditures. We can stop this and reverse it. Using the seed money from a Texas Millionaires Income Tax fund, we can begin offering thousands of important new well paying jobs to the citizens of District 62. A Green New Deal jobs program, combined with a Rural Texas Healthcare Initiative Could place millions of dollars of seed money back into rural counties like Grayson, Fannin and Delta counties.

These “green” jobs entail house-to-house and commercial building-to-commercial building assessment and analysis, insulation, window sealing, wrapping, electrical and HVAC inspections, repair and installation. Creating well paying jobs for men and women who live in these rural counties. Priorities could begin with structures in the poorest areas first, then work up.

Local residents wanting good paying, steady jobs with benefits could become trained factory solar installers and repairmen. Solar powered systems could be engineered and fabricated locally, and installed locally.

Cutting Property Taxes in Half by 2024

Since Republicans took control of the Texas Governor's Office and Legislature, personal property taxes have skyrocketed to unaffordable amounts. Our elderly are being forced out of their homes, with no place to go. Property taxes in Texas can be stabilized and reduced with proper leadership. I will provide that leadership.

On November 5th, 2019 election ballot was State Question 4, a Constitutional Amendment to ban all income tax in Texas. But the people who wrote this law were Texas' richest millionaires and billionaires who like things just as they are - with YOU paying the lions share of taxes in ever-increasing Property Taxes. When the ultra-wealthy Texans heard of Elizebeth Warren's MILLIONAIRES INCOME TAX plan, they immediately shot into action and drafted SQ4. Under no circumstances do they want to pay a fare share. We can reverse SQ 4 and create a TEXAS Millionaires Income Tax, that requires some kind of a tax contribution from wealthy corporations, millionaires and billionaires. This is how you reverse the disastrous "trickle down" economic model. You go get it.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Free and Open Rural Internet


Rural businesses can't do Start Up's if they can't get access to simple internet connections. We can strengthen rural businesses and Economic Development by providing full broadband internet services to everyone who wants it.


To remain competitive, rural students (and city kids too) must also have access to the world wide web. This is essential for maintaining basic skills for any growing labor force and economy. It is essential to the development of college-ready curriculums. In addition to education, the web holds the key to global information, movies, sports, public affairs and social advancement.

Republican legislators prefer only a few large internet providers controlling the North Texas information highway. Legislators who don't want free broadband, usually accept campaign donations from these same internet providers.. Many fiber-optic lines already exist in most Grayson, Fannin and Delta counties. Much of the infrastructure is there. We just need to elect the right people to kickstart rural internet co-ops. Similar to low cost rural electric cooperatives, rural families can also have fiber-otic or satellite internet feeds. We need this done now!

I will work to have free and open internet everywhere in District 62.

Global Warming is Real:

Mankind's affect on Earth's atmosphere and weather are no longer being debated. If you haven't got that by now, you're being left behind. That bus has already left. Solar energy jobs now outpace all oil & gas jobs in Texas. And North Texas is perfect for solar energy business development. We just need to vote for candidates like me to send to Austin to begin developing these rich energy sectors.

Potentially harmful chemicals known collectively as PFAS, PFOA and PFOS are now in most people's bloodstreams. They are carcinogens made in Texas; and they are now everywhere, in your food, in your water. Everywhere. They begin with man made “forever chemicals” plastics that end up in our landfills, rivers, aquifers, fields and streams. They are chemicals that never break down, and they recycle themselves through both living and non-living materials. Humans, pets and wild animals all contain them now. And it's getting worse. Micro-plastic beads are now even being detected in our snow and rainfall. We must promote education, information, penalties and solutions, and stop this. The "Win at any cost" oil & gas business model is killing off your grandkids' air and water reserves. I will stop and reverse this with your help.

Gun Control

No North Texas gun owner is going to surrender any firearm. And I doubt anyone will ever sell them back either. Most any firearm will appreciate in value over the years. Some guns appreciate in value so fast, they considered investment securities.

In this District, guns and fishing poles still help feed working families. And gun accidents are fairly rare. Still, we should consider the fact that in States where mandatory background checks are performed, suicides and accidental gun deaths have fallen be as much as 50%. This is a huge decrease in overall gun deaths. I am for common sense "red flag" and gun purchase background checks. We can continue to have gun show purchases, but the seller may possibly have to mail you the piece. Is waiting four days too much to ask? If we don't at least compromise on the small fixes, then the time will come where a Federal ban occurs. Let's fix this at the local level, before a need occurs for Federal involvement.

Immigration: Start ticketing Employers, not Employees

The greatest deterrent to solving the immigration problem isn't immigrants, it's privately funded employers who go un-policed, and unregulated. This is why no Congress has ever been able to deal with it. Private employers want illegals working here, so they can make more money by exploiting them. And remember, these same private employers fund elections. Employers in District 62 knowingly hire illegals by using Employment Services, where they're off the hook for not checking E-Verify citizenship status. Employment Services are a key element to Texas' Immigration problem, and don't want you voting for me. The Employment Agency scammers keep the money, while the taxpayers pay for the costs.

Employment agencies also deny workers health insurance, family leave, and basic employee rights, not to mention skimming an unfair percentage off their paychecks. This helps no one but the illegal labor profiteers. Some employers and Employment agencies in District 62 even assist in helping get illegals fake Social Security cards. These illegal employers should be aggressively fined and arrested like other criminals. Remember, these illegal employers send nice big campaign donations to my opponent. I don't accept their donations, because I'm here to fix this thing, not profit off of it. Big business pushes the propaganda that it's the hardworking immigrants who are the bad guys. But the immigrants aren't the bad guys, the criminal employers who break laws are the bad guys.

My plan to stop illegal immigration: Again this is a Federal Immigration issue, and not particularly my job description as a State House Rep. But I can push for solutions from Austin. Like ticketing all employers (Tyson Foods, lawn mowing services, building contractors, etc) a $5,000 per incident fine. If three workers are found undocumented working at the job site, the illegal employer pays three times - or $15,000. For the second offense, the fine doubles to $10,000 per employee. The third offense remains at $10,000 per employee, but the CEO, COO and Employment Service Manager all get mandatory 45 day jail sentences. You want to stop illegal immigration employment in Texas? Then you'll have to stop illegal hiring. When this happens... a 2,000 mile Border Wall becomes instantly irrelevant.

The fines imposed by these infractions could then be spent on building more Immigration Courts where immigrant cases can be heard expeditiously, thus speeding up the legalization process so we are not spending billions of dollars of tax money incarcerating men, women and children who just came here seeking a better life, like your ancestors did.

To love the Texas culture, is also to love all immigrant culture, even your own. Because we are really all one culture - American! If you're in Texas reading this right now, you're standing on what was Old Mexico for over 300 years. By all working together, we can make Texas a great home for everyone.

I do not support family separation, and I do not support separating children from their parents. This is a travesty and crime against humanity. If sent to Austin I will work with my Federal counterparts to stop this inhumane practice immediately.

The Money's Already There...

Check it out. Historically, economies flourish under Democratic leadership, taxes level off and are even lowered by deficit reductions. Republicans, on the other hand, traditionally create huge deficits, then pass additional tax cuts for their millionaire friends and rich corporations, which just transfers the enormous deficit costs onto working class families, for generations for come. Visit the "Read More" tab below to see how Democrats fund government WITHOUT raising taxes....

Follow the money - BACKGROUND - Before she was elected Governor (1990-1994), Ann Richards (D) was elected the Texas State Treasurer (1983). She was the first women ever elected to the Treasurer's Office. As Treasurer, she set about digging into all the hidden "sweetheart" deals and "good ol' boy" favors found buried in years of Texas State House legislation. It was a herculean effort, but she and her staff pulled it off. By the end of her term as Treasurer, she had found more "lost" and "unaccounted" funds THAN ALL PREVIOUS TREASURERS BEFORE HER, COMBINED! Then as Governor, she was loaded for bear, and set out to return those funds into the State Treasury, to return that money to Texas working families, students and seniors.

During her reign, Property Taxes were stable, schools got funded, folks got healthcare and everybody did well in Texas, even rich folks. This all ended in 1994 when she left office. And we have since returned to our present Republican kleptocracy form of State Government theft.

Want another example? Ask yourself this - why do you have to pay maximum sales taxes on your boat, while rich folks get a free ride on their 50' yachts? Click HERE to read.