Why I'm Running

My name is Gary Don Thomas, and I'm running because I want a better quality life for all of us in District 62. I believe rural counties like Grayson, Fannin and Delta deserve to get some of their tax money returned. In meaningful things like healthcare and education. Unlike our current representative, I'm not restricted by party ideology or agenda. I will work with everyone, and I'm free to help fix what matters most to you, such as:

Cutting & Freezing property taxes by 40%

Medicare For All who want it.

Rural Broadband internet for everyone.

Quality, Low Cost Child Day Care.

Justice Reform & Voting Rights

I’ve lived in rural Texas since 1974, and like many of you, I come from a line of honest, hard-working folks. We should be able to keep all our firearms, but conduct sensible and easy background checks. For those who care, I am a Pro-Choice candidate. Birth control education and proper use is still the most effective method for stopping abortions.

My aim is to reverse our legislature's disastrous "trickle down" economics model so YOU can decide how you want tax dollars spent in YOUR area. It's time millionaires and Corporations started paying income taxes, too. I'll reverse their "trickle down' economic method to your family's benefit!

Please vote for me in the November 2020 election, and we can start making much-needed improvements in Grayson, Fannin and Delta Counties. It’s our time District 62! Let’s fix what matters!

To learn more about my views, click on the “issues” tab. Let us know what you think matters most, and how you can help our campaign.

“Things get solved, when YOU get involved.”

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